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Dec 13, 2011 6:00pm EST
. >>> a surprise in the jerry sandusky case. he waived his right to a preliminary hearing and the charges he sexually abused young boys while the coach at penn state. it means where's one 10 closer to trial but the attorney said it's a tactical move. >> we would have heard a recitation of the allegations without realist -- realistically being able to cross-examine the witnesses who testified as to their credible. as all of you know, credibility is going to be the many factor in this case. >> fox 5s paul wagner was in pennsylvania for the hearing. paul, the strange tactical move, isn't it? they report usually criminal defends trying to slow things down, not speed things up? >> it's a strange move, brian, but not unexpected, to be honest with you. because a lot of times these preliminary hearings are waived. but, if you look at it from joe amandola's point of view, he succeeded this was a shrewd move on his part. instead of us talking about all of the witnesses and what they said about jerry sand offingo the witness stand, instead, we're talking about jerry sandusky and the holes in the state'
Dec 12, 2011 6:00pm EST
their respects. >>> latest now on the penn state scandal, jerry sandusky will appear at a preliminary hearing tomorrow some of his accusers are expected to testify however a key witness may have changed his story. a pennsylvania newspaper says coach mcquery reportedly told a family friend he did not witness any sex when sandusky allegedly assaulted a 10-year- old boy in alocker room shower in 2002. >>> fox 5 will provide live coverage from pennsylvania trial tomorrow as jerry sandusky appears in court. paul wagner will tweet from the courthouse his live reports will be on fox 5 news. >>> a major drug bust in prince william county, police arrested a doctor at his triangle office last week investigators say he dispensed thousands of pills weekly to drug addicts the 73- year-old sold oxycontin, morphine and more to patients without a medical reason. >>> new details tonight in disappearence of a fairfax county man. 30-year-old oscar montana was last seen leaving his job at a construction site july 9th a week later his van was found abandoned three blocks away. they recently determined he disappea
Dec 28, 2011 6:00pm EST
coach bernie fine is fired after men say he molested them as boys. fine said he's innocent and jerry sandusky, the former penn state football coach, charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he said he was mentoring. the head coach joe paterno and other top officials force out for failing to alert police after an assistant said that he told them he believed he saw sandusky molesting a child. stay with fox for the latest on penn state and all of the scandals in 2012. in new york, i'm rick fulbaum, fox news. >> and the news is not over yet. >> it is not. a few more days. >> for the scandals to come in. >> that's right. >> and hopefully the next few days are pleasant into 2012. >> and not tomorrow but cloudier. >> okay. >> and i think we'll have some 50s before we close out 2011. >> yeah. that is right and as we nto thi second. into all of this, we will talk about the fact that it's breezy out there. dress for it and most of the evening will be, too. the wins are staned at national, northwest at 49 miles an hour and we're getting gusts out there up over 20 miles an hour and occasio
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3